Karen Mewes

I am the training side of HighComm, teaching people to use computers, phones and tablets since 2002. I had been working with computers for many years and found that I had a knack for not just finding my own way around computers but also the ability to explain to other people in a way that they could understand. I formalised this with a training and business qualifications.

So many people tell me that they are dinosaurs where computers are concerned.  They say they are stupid, too old, have done other courses and still don’t understand.  I really enjoy helping them, first to realise that they are not alone in finding technology confusing or the constant changes hard to keep up with. It is then so rewarding to see then find that they can learn and can do things with their computer, smartphone or tablet. With more experienced users it is often the trick or short-cut that they get excited about when they realise how much time it will save them or how much better their documents or spreadsheets will be.

I write the manuals myself, keeping each one quite short.  Too many computer instruction manuals are full of good advice but you never get past the first chapter. One of my clients told me when she uses the manual she can “hear me talking as she goes through it so she feels like I am still beside her helping with each step”.

I have taught people from primary school children up to people in their 90s and don’t believe anyone is too old to learn.  I haven’t, to my knowledge, taught anyone over 100 so offer a free 1 hour class to my first centenarian (provided that they live in the Southern Highlands of NSW where we are based – though I’ll accept flights to Paris, London, Rome).

See the Training page for more information on our courses or click here.

To contact me to discuss your requirements call 0408 611 301 or email training@highcomm.com.au