HighComm was formed in 2002 to offer a range of computer support services to Small and Medium Businesses and home users in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It was built to fill a niche that was sadly lacking – trustworthy, independent, relevant advice and support.

Advice & Support
Many businesses and home users had invested in technology without adequate advice and support often finding that the technology selected was not suitable for the job or was so unreliable as to be useless! There was also a perception that IT consultants and support personnel were not listening to the customer and were taking advantage of their ignorance. HighComm has worked to remedy these and other problems in the industry.

Past, Present and Future
In its first ten years, HighComm has come a long way. We have helped a large number of home users with a single PC as well as developing relationships with a number of businesses with a network of PCs. From fixing simple Internet access problems to helping a business upgrade its servers & workstations we have covered just about every aspect of computer support. The future is looking even better with new initiatives such as Preventative Maintenance Programs, Maintenance Contract and Training now being offered. We also offer support for Apple Mac systems.

We look forward to the next ten years and can’t wait for the new challenge that advances in technology will bring.