Paranoid about backups!

If you are a customer or Highcomm or  a regular visitor to this website then you are probably aware that I am fairly paranoid about backing up data. Well, I thought I was paranoid until I read the article which is referenced below. Personally I have a desktop backup which I run whenever I feel it … [Read more…]

Protecting your computers and other equipment from power fluctuations.

OK, let’s get one thing straight from the start: ALL electronic and computer equipment is very sensitive to power fluctuations. By fluctuations I mean the general day to day variations in the voltage of your power supply as well as power surges, brown-outs and power cuts. And you will all be experiencing these more often … [Read more…]

Microsoft Office 365

What is Office 365? Wikipedia – Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. I hope that explains it, if not keep reading! To put it simply, Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest iteration of it’s Office suite following closely on the heels of Office … [Read more…]

The Demise (End-of-Life) of Windows XP!

So what does End-of-Life Mean For Windows XP and you? You may already be aware that Microsoft has “retired” Windows XP, its 13 year old Operating System. To be more precise, they have ended support for the Operating System which means no more critical and security updates will be released which in turn means it … [Read more…]

Backups & Storage – what does it all mean?

And more importantly, why is it so important to you? Read any article about computers, or have any discussion with anyone involved with computers and you will come across a variety of terms relating to storage & backup. These will include, backup, storage, data synchronisation, NAS (or Network Attached Storage), USB/Firewire Storage and cloud storage. All … [Read more…]