Warning for all Apple Mac Users

Apple have announced that there is a possible risk of electric shock when using a certain range of Apple wall plug adapters provided with various Mac and iOS devices. Whilst the incidence is low you should check your adapters as detailed in the link below.

Here is a link to a page on the Mac1 site that will assist you in checking if your Apple wall plug adapter may be affected by the warning. If you have one of these adapters please follow the link in the page for assistance in organising a replacement part for free.

Mac1 Apple wall plug adapter warning 

If you prefer you can go direct to an Apple page:

Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program

I have already been through the process myself on the Apple page and it was easy and painless once I had my serial number.




Microsoft dumps partner over telephone scam claims

If you haven’t read my earlier post about Windows Security phone scams then click here.

I have just come across this blog entry from Graham Cluley regarding Microsoft dumping a Gold Partner over a phone scam closely related to the type I mentioned in my earlier blog.

I have had a few clients who have been caught out by this scam, some have managed to get out unscathed, some haven’t. All this proves is that you cannot be too careful and you need to make sure your security is up to the job and up to date as well as making sure you have access to an expert to help you through these sorts of problems.

It’s just like with SPAM email, if you do not know who it is from, and are in the least bit suspicious, don’t open it, delete it! If you receive an unsolicited phone call telling you your computer is infected, don’t listen, hang up, or at least politely tell them you aren’t interested then hang up! Then call me!

I can check your PC to make sure it is not infected or help to remove any infections it may have.

Be vigilant, keep yourself informed and educated, keep your security systems up to date and make sure you have access to an expert you trust!