The NBN Has Arrived!

At last, it is here, with some customers already connecting in parts of Mittagong, Moss Vale and Bowral. See link below for the latest roll-out info.

NBN Roll-out Map

So what does this mean? Some of you may already have signed up and even been connected but for the rest of us we have to decide if this is for us, but please do not fall for all of the marketing hype and misinformation.

Firstly, you do not have to move to the NBN, well not for a while at least. If you are happy with your current ADSL or other connection, then stick with it. Although I do understand that the current copper network will be disconnected 18 months after an area becomes “NBN Ready” (sorry, I have no further info on this).

Secondly, if you do choose to switch then you can choose which provider you use (you don’t have to stick with your current provider). You can also choose which plan you want, what speed you want, etc. You can also bundle it with other services such as mobile phones.

So now some warnings.

Firstly, if you want to keep your current phone number make sure this is in any contract you sign with the provider otherwise you are likely to end up with a new, phone number with the old one disconnected.

Also, if you use any of the following services, then make sure you confirm with your chosen provider that they can provide these services before signing on the bottom line.

  • Fax
  • Back to Base Alarm
  • Phone based medical alarm systems (i.e. VitalCall)

Most providers will be able to provide these services but you need to ensure that they are in your contract before signing. Also, check with the provider of the alarm systems just to be sure!

Here is a link to the NBN Co’s FAQ page on these types of services:



  • NBN – National Broadband Network
  • FTTP – Fibre to the Premises (the premium system some people will get)
  • FTTN – Fibre to the Node (the 2nd rate system most of us will get which relies on the aging copper wires to our premises – homes, businesses, etc)
  • Fixed Wireless/Satellite – for those of you in remote areas, which is apparently 4% of the population (the 3rd rate system for everyone else)
  • RSP – Retail Service Provider (what used to be called an ISP. You can’t get the NBN from NBN Co, only from a RSP

For those technically minded here is the NBN Co’s glossary:

NBN Co Glossary

So, there it is in a nutshell, the NBN.