Warning for all Apple Mac Users

Apple have announced that there is a possible risk of electric shock when using a certain range of Apple wall plug adapters provided with various Mac and iOS devices. Whilst the incidence is low you should check your adapters as detailed in the link below.

Here is a link to a page on the Mac1 site that will assist you in checking if your Apple wall plug adapter may be affected by the warning. If you have one of these adapters please follow the link in the page for assistance in organising a replacement part for free.

Mac1 Apple wall plug adapter warning 

If you prefer you can go direct to an Apple page:

Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program

I have already been through the process myself on the Apple page and it was easy and painless once I had my serial number.




Recovering data from faulty hard disks

HighComm can help you recover your files, photos, etc from a faulty hard disk (Windows or Mac)!



Hard Disk failure and data loss

If you have owned a computer for any length of time then you have probably experienced data loss due to hard disk failure of some sort. Unfortunately like all technology, hard disks do break down occasionally. In fact hard disks are probably the most common type of computer failure due to how they work and because of the amount of work that they have to do.


Hard disks have a number of moving parts and are actually quite sensitive and delicate. They usually sit inside your computer and you really don’t notice them. But when they go wrong, oh boy, do they cause problems! Early indication of disk problems can be things like continuous noise from the disk (often due to disk “thrashing” where the operating system is having trouble reading from or writing to the disk) or system crashes and slow start ups.

So what can you do to avoid data loss? Well the obvious one is to make sure you have a reliable and regular backup regime! Other than that, basic maintenance like cleaning grills and fans on desktop PCs to avoid overheating which can cause damage to all the computer parts not just the hard disk.

Data recovery

So what do you do if your hard disk has failed, or appears to be failing?

First, do you have a recent backup? If not then run one straight away if you can. Then turn off your computer and do not turn it back on until you have spoken with a technician. If the disk is failing then running the PC can cause further damage to the disk and your data.

If you call us about the problem, then we will arrange to pick up your PC and take it back to our workshop. There we will remove the disk from your PC and attach it to a workshop PC and start the data recovery process.

This data recovery will take some time and we usually leave it running overnight. Once the data has been recovered then depending on the amount of data we can put it onto an external disk or some other media for you.


The Good News!

OK, in most instances we can recover most data from a failing disk. Even when machines won’t start due to disk problems we can often recover data.

Occasionally, due to major hardware issues we may not be able to recover any data at all.

If we are unable to recover any data and the disk is really sick then it is not necessarily the end of the world. If the data is critical and you cannot survive without it then there are experts in Sydney that can often recover some of the data. These companies specialise in data recovery and often work in clean rooms where they can dismantle the disk and do all sorts of clever things to recover some or all of your data. Of course these services are not cheap and you have to weigh up the cost against the value of the data to you.

And lastly, it is sometimes possible to recover data from thumb drives!


So if you have a faulty disk and need to recover the data from it, give us a call!

Smartphone security and data backup

With the continuing fall-out from the “News of the World” phone tapping scandal now is probably a good time to talk about security for your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, Nokia or HTC or any one of the other smartphones you should be treating access to this and it’s stored data the same as you would any computers you may own; in fact; taking into account the portability and size of your smartphone, you should be taking this security even more seriously!

Security on your smartphone goes far beyond having a PIN to access the phone, you need the equivalent of PC anti-virus & firewall software at least. And don’t forget about backing up the data on the phone!htc

There are numerous ways that “bad” people can access your phone. Obviously having physical access to it is one way and you may think that a PIN or password will fix this but remember passwords can be cracked. Also, don’t forget the media or memory card inserted into the little slot in the side or back that contains images, videos and other information. Of course your phone can also be remotely “hacked” as in the News of the World story where journalists were able to access a phone remotely and read the messages, etc stored on it.

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AppleMac support

I often get asked by various people if anyone in the Southern Highlands supports AppleMac. Well, the answer is  “Yes, we do”!

I have owned a MacBook for a few years now, my son has a MacBook Pro and I have a number of clients with iMacs. We also run Windows PCs and laptops at home so I have experience with integrating the two. As for adding them to your network and sharing resources with Windows PCs – no problem! These days Windows and Mac mostly play nice and don’t have so many of the old problems left lingering.

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HighComm computer repair and support services

Hi everyone,

As you are here you will already be aware that we have a new website! I am particularly excited about this as it is “all my own work” and although it is not perfect I am happy with the way it is going. I hope you like it too and the idea is that it will become a place you visit regularly to keep up-to-date with not only what we are doing at HighComm but what is also occurring out there in technology world!

For those of you who already know me you know I am not a geek or a nerd but just someone who understands more than is probably healthy about technology and computers in particular! I like to put this knowledge to use helping you to avoid the pitfalls, ripoffs and general confusion involved in owning and using computers and everything related to them. I am far from being an “expert” but I do use this stuff everyday and have done so for more years than I care to remember so I have a pretty good working knowledge. One of my main passions is helping you avoid investing in the wrong technology tools and paying too much for it! I will help you navigate the retail minefield when buying computers and try to explain how the industry tries to rope you into buying stuff you don’t need at inflated prices!
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Mac Shield fake anti-virus

Hi everyone,

First of all, to coin a phrase from Douglas Adams:  “Don’t Panic!”.

As they say, there is a first time for everything and I have just had my first infected MacBook! Yes, that’s right, Macs can be infected even though a lot of people seem to think otherwise.

There is an infection going around called one of the following:

MacShield, MacDefender, MacProtector, MacGuard

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Mac Attack 2!

Well, is it a sign of the time?

Today a client dropped off a new iMac to replace yet another dead Windows PC. I have to transfer all the data across.

Tomorrow I go to another client to install an iMac and transfer the data across from the old Windows PC.

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Mac Attack!

Well, Apple is up against it again, this time they are “tracking your every move” with the iPhone and iPad!

Oh come on get real, why would they want to track the movements of the 10s of millions of people who have bought iPhones & iPads? Lets be honest, for most of us our movements are pretty boring anyway: went to work, stopped at coffee shop, went to the gym, went to Woolies! Do we really think we are that interesting? Yeah I know, they may want to collect info to sell to various marketing groups, or whatever, but let’s look at the reality.

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