Mac Attack!

Well, Apple is up against it again, this time they are “tracking your every move” with the iPhone and iPad!

Oh come on get real, why would they want to track the movements of the 10s of millions of people who have bought iPhones & iPads? Lets be honest, for most of us our movements are pretty boring anyway: went to work, stopped at coffee shop, went to the gym, went to Woolies! Do we really think we are that interesting? Yeah I know, they may want to collect info to sell to various marketing groups, or whatever, but let’s look at the reality.

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Scam and other security issues

I am sure if you own a PC you have at some stage experienced an infection of one type or another.

You may not be aware but there are several types of infection ranging from the annoying to the downright dangerous. Although in the user world just about all infections are referred to as ‘viruses’ there are in fact a number of categories of infection of which a virus is just one. There are also many ways that these infections can get into your computer, the most well known being via an email. Below are some of the categories of infection:

•    virus
•    trojan horse
•    worm
•    keylogger
•    password sniffer
•    adware/spyware

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WordPress and building a website

Well, that has been a step learning curve!

After loading WordPress which is a free website/blog design package on my Mac, the usual things happened such as needing to load other software to use it, in this case Apache web-server and PHP5 website scripting software, both also free! Don’t worry too much about the details but basically I had to set up a web-server on my Mac to allow me to develop and test a site locally. What I eventually realised was that I could install WordPress on my ISP/web-hosting companies site and do all the design & development there, thus avoiding all the problems of uploading the site when complete and ready to go live! It also negated the need for FileZilla ftp software on my Mac which would allow me to upload the website files.
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Our new website at last!

Well, at last a new website; it has only taken about two years!

I have discovered WordPress, a tool to enable you to easily build “blog” type websites (like this one), and best of all, WordPress is free. They do claim that you can be up and running in 5 minutes but I am not sure who they are referring to, it certainly took me longer than that! It also took some time to figure out how to use it and to build my first site (this is my second attempt). Of course that may have been a lot to do with the fact I didn’t realise I would need a web-server to do the work on so I had to sort that out as well and install it on my Mac.

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