Windows 10 upgrade woes!

OK, so my first Windows 10 upgrade on a brand new laptop went well and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.

But then I was bought an older Dell laptop on which they had done the Windows 10 automatic upgrade. Unfortunately although this appeared to have worked OK, the screen went blank! Dare I say the Black Screen of Death?

So after a lot of fiddling and a lot of research (Dell and Intel were not a lot of help here) I decided to do a completely new installation of Windows on a new hard disk (the old one was reporting errors anyway so this seemed like a good idea).

First I had to download the Windows 10 ISO image and burn it to a DVD. Then I installed the new hard disk in the laptop and installed Windows 7. So far so good! Installed drivers, but not the Intel Graphics 3000 as I was pretty sure this was the culprit.

Now to Windows 10 installation. This went without a hitch and didn’t actually take very long (probably 1-2 hours). Rebooted and voila, Windows 10 installed and we were able to login. Checked the graphics driver and only the default Windows one was installed.

But I got excited too soon! After a few minuted Windows played a tune and the screen went blank again!

After consulting with my colleague I connected an external monitor and was then able to access Windows 10 on the laptop again! Checked and lo and behold the Intel Graphics 3000 driver had been installed by Windows Auto Updates!

After a lot of research which came up with the fact that this model, the Dell Vostro 3550 was not supported for Windows 10 and going round in circles on the Intel site looking for an updated driver I was just about ready to give up. But then I was reading about a similar fault on a Windows 8.1 machine and they said that a BIOS update fixed the problem, so with nothing to lose I decided to give this a try! And it worked! At least it is working so far, I now have the screen on the laptop working again!

Although rather excited about this I will withhold judgement until tomorrow and see if Windows Auto Updates managed to break it again overnight!

But still, i am feeling rather pleased with myself! Pat on the back!


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