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Hi everyone,

As you are here you will already be aware that we have a new website! I am particularly excited about this as it is “all my own work” and although it is not perfect I am happy with the way it is going. I hope you like it too and the idea is that it will become a place you visit regularly to keep up-to-date with not only what we are doing at HighComm but what is also occurring out there in technology world!

For those of you who already know me you know I am not a geek or a nerd but just someone who understands more than is probably healthy about technology and computers in particular! I like to put this knowledge to use helping you to avoid the pitfalls, ripoffs and general confusion involved in owning and using computers and everything related to them. I am far from being an “expert” but I do use this stuff everyday and have done so for more years than I care to remember so I have a pretty good working knowledge. One of my main passions is helping you avoid investing in the wrong technology tools and paying too much for it! I will help you navigate the retail minefield when buying computers and try to explain how the industry tries to rope you into buying stuff you don’t need at inflated prices!

You will notice that for the first time we are including advertising on our site. Although in the past we have avoided advertising or endorsements on our site I have found that I am often asked for specific advice on whose services to use or what products to buy so you will see some advertising appearing on the site. Any advertising you do see will only include products, services or suppliers either used by us or carefully vetted by us. We offer this as s service to you but please be aware that although we have checked them out we can not offer any guarantees or warranties for these services. And yes, we may accept commissions for the referrals to some of these products. For example you will find an advert for Carbonite online backup which we use. There will also be an Amazon ad soon with related computer books on offer (I recommend the Dummies Guide series particularly). We will also be adding links to various businesses, particularly local ones which we use and are happy to recommend (we do not accept any commissions from these businesses).

So I will be posting as regularly as I can or at least when I have something interesting to say. Again, those of you who know me will know that I am not often lost for words!

So who is HighComm and what do we do? Well, we are a computer repair and support services company based in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We have been operating now for more than 10 years but personally I have more than 30 years of experience in IT. Up to now we have restricted our services to the local area but now under certain circumstances we can offer our services further afield. Currently we have clients in Goulburn, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth (we even support my father-in-law in the UK) and we support these remote clients using various remote support tools.  With local clients we mostly come to you although we a are carrying out more and more services remotely. If physical repairs are required we can come to you or you to us (sorry, if you are in Perth or Adelaide you will have to come to us)! We support both Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. At a push we can support Linux as well.

We do not generally supply hardware; PCs, printers, etc, but we do have a supplier in Moss Vale who builds PCs to order for our clients, and Cartridge World in Bowral is able to support your printer needs. For other hardware please contact us first!

In a nutshell we offer:

Purchasing advice; installation of computers and most related equipment and software; network configuration, wired & wireless; software installation and configuration; security auditing & configuration; general troubleshooting; maintenance and repair of computers; hardware upgrades, RAM, etc;  integration of Windows & Mac systems; general advice to offer you peace of mind about the purchasing, use & maintenance of your computers!

What we don’t offer:

Printer repairs; web design, internet access (ISP); hosting services; cabling; counseling (if you use computers you probably need it).

So don’t forget, check back here regularly for information and the latest posts or contact us if you have any questions! Also, please let me know what you think of the site, good or bad by commenting below!


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