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I often get asked by various people if anyone in the Southern Highlands supports AppleMac. Well, the answer is  “Yes, we do”!

I have owned a MacBook for a few years now, my son has a MacBook Pro and I have a number of clients with iMacs. We also run Windows PCs and laptops at home so I have experience with integrating the two. As for adding them to your network and sharing resources with Windows PCs – no problem! These days Windows and Mac mostly play nice and don’t have so many of the old problems left lingering.

AppleMac or Mac is definitely becoming more popular. Thanks to Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot with Vista many people and businesses have converted to the AppleMac platform and many more are considering it. Almost everyday I am asked whether someone should move from Windows to Mac. My answer, “Well, it depends”. Yes, I know, a typically vague answer but I can’t possibly tell you unequivocally that you should transfer to Mac. What I can do is outline the pros & cons, give you some comparisons of features and benefits and also give you some indication of price. I can also check that all of your programs and hardware will work with the Mac (more on that later).

There is no doubt that prices are comparable, however if you try to compare apples with pears then you will get the wrong impression. You cannot compare basic specifications on a Windows PC with those on say an iMac. Generally the Mac Operating System (OSX) does not require such high specifications as the Microsoft Operating System (Windows). Also, Macs are generally only available in a limited number of models with a limited number of upgrades, unlike PCs,  so it is simpler to choose. Apple simply does not compete in the sub $1000 market place with the cheap PCs and a good thing too (although you can of course buy an iPad for less than $1000).

As for what you can do on a Mac; well just about everything you can do on a PC but often faster and with less problems! OSX on  Mac hardware provides a very stable platform, mostly I believe due to the strict control Apple has on everything that goes into the design and build of their systems. You can do word processing, spreadsheets, email and Internet browsing, presentations, play music and videos and much more. Basic operations are similar, although the differences in terminology can be confusing. A lot of the time you are able to configure the Mac to look and behave like Windows (though why you would want to I don’t know).

As for program and hardware compatibility; if you have mostly up to date versions of programs and your hardware (printers, scanners, etc) is not much more than 2 years old then it should work with a Mac. You can even buy Microsoft Office for Mac with all the programs you have come to love (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook). Apple obviously have their own version of Office called iWork, I will leave it to you to decide which is best for you. They tend to be compatible with each other, each can read the others documents.

If you do come across a program that you cannot do without which does not work on Mac then do not despair, it can be fixed! There is a program called  a “virtual machine” (VM) for Mac which allows you to install Windows in it and then run your Windows programs. The VM then gives you access to the data on the Mac and all the hardware such as modem for Internet access and to printers. There a number of commercial VM programs available, the most common being Parallels and VMWare Fusion, but there is also an Open Source, free program called VirtualBox. The really clever thing with these VMs is that they isolate all the Windows stuff from OSX and if there are problems with Windows it will not usually affect the Mac or OSX. Just remember you require a full licensed copy of Windows to install in the VM, you will be asked for a legitimate license key during installation and have to activate it online as usual!

Well I think that is it. If it sounds like I am talking up Mac then I probably am. My Macbook is over two years old and has not missed a beat. It is beginning to slow down but with the amount of data and the programs I am running on it that isn’t surprising. My Son’s MacBook Pro has had a glass of juice spilt over it and still works OK (we had it apart and drying overnight). The keys are a bit sticky but everything still works!

Oh yes, we not only support MacBooks, and iMacs, but we can also help with iPads, iPhones and iPods!

Where can you buy Macs? Well we don’t supply them but generally I send people to Mac1 in Wollongong or if you are in Sydney regularly then the Mac shop in George Street is always an adventure! Otherwise the large David Jones stores and Domain and various shops in Campbelltown and Canberra often stock them. Or you can buy online.

Contact is if you have any questions.

PS One last thing – Macs can get viruses! Do not believe the hype that they can’t. I have only had to remove one virus from a Mac so far, but there will be more as they become more popular. Install an anti-virus program. I use ClamXav.


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