Free Wi-Fi

Hi everyone,

One of the benefits of using a laptop is of course the portability, but of course these days we can’t afford to be ‘offline’ for any length of time. There are a number of options for staying online, smart-phones and mobile broadband are two, another is free wi-fi or hotspots dotted around the country. These allow you to connect to the Internet for free with your laptop or other devices (iPad, etc).

In the Highlands I am aware of two free wi-fi hotspots; one in Bowral, Janek’s cafe in  Corbett Plaza the other in Mittagong at Brewster’s Cafe. In both cases you need to ask for a password when ordering your coffee, lunch or whatever and this will allow you to connect to the Internet. From then you can access your email, browse the Internet etc.

In Janek’s say hi to George from me, in Brewster’s say hi to Steve!

No, I don’t get paid commission on promoting these, I don’t even get a free coffee, but please support these local businesses who are offering this great service.

Meanwhile, I can happily recommend the coffee and food at both, they are popular haunts of mine. If you see me there come and say hi.


PS If you know of any others offering the same service, please let me know and I will try to put together a listing.

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