Mac Attack 2!

Well, is it a sign of the time?

Today a client dropped off a new iMac to replace yet another dead Windows PC. I have to transfer all the data across.

Tomorrow I go to another client to install an iMac and transfer the data across from the old Windows PC.

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Free Wi-Fi

Hi everyone,

One of the benefits of using a laptop is of course the portability, but of course these days we can’t afford to be ‘offline’ for any length of time. There are a number of options for staying online, smart-phones and mobile broadband are two, another is free wi-fi or hotspots dotted around the country. These allow you to connect to the Internet for free with your laptop or other devices (iPad, etc).

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Online Data Storage

I had an interesting discussion with a client today about computers, data storage and applications . It started as a discussion about online storage and backups and the idea of the “cloud” then moved on to online applications and moving entirely to the cloud. I won’t go into what the cloud is in this post, I’ll save that for later, but for now just think of it as “the internet”.

For a few weeks now I have been testing an offering called “Dropbox” which is an online storage system. I moved all of my business data to Dropbox so it is no longer stored on my desktop PC but is stored in the “cloud”. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage for your data and offers plans for those with the need for more.
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