Mac Attack!

Well, Apple is up against it again, this time they are “tracking your every move” with the iPhone and iPad!

Oh come on get real, why would they want to track the movements of the 10s of millions of people who have bought iPhones & iPads? Lets be honest, for most of us our movements are pretty boring anyway: went to work, stopped at coffee shop, went to the gym, went to Woolies! Do we really think we are that interesting? Yeah I know, they may want to collect info to sell to various marketing groups, or whatever, but let’s look at the reality.

The reports in the press state that Apple have been tracking the movements of iPhone users and storing the data in the phones. Apparently a couple of researchers posted a blog stating “Apple devices like the iPhone are keeping track of where you’ve been via location-based services, and logging that data in an insecure file on your device—a file that can also be accessed on any computer with which you’ve synced your iPhone.”

OK, as far as I am aware, Apple do not deny this, they do point out though that they are collecting information relating to nearby wi-fi hot spots, mobile towers, etc which is used to improve the response time and accuracy when you request its/your location. Does that really sound worrying to you? Sounds more like a company trying to improve its service to customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I am worried about privacy issues myself and with all the new smartphones, iPads, etc out there the potential for the illegal collection of information is growing rapidly. So far the main reason for collecting this information has been to allow “targeted marketing” but after reading an article a few weeks back, I am not so sure this is a bad thing. Think about it, researchers reckon we are hit with between 800 and 3000 marketing messages a day, wouldn’t it be better if these were “targeted” messages, i.e. messages sent to us related to things we have bought or investigated or visited in the past? Yeah, I guess it does sound a bit like “big Brother” watching us, but I still think it will eventually make my life easier (less information to sift through).

I have to say, the media always seems to be on the lookout for ways to attack Apple; do you remember the fuss over the iPhone antenna signal? Apparently other phones have had similar problems and I read one report that stated the iPhone worked better in a case where a different smartphone had problems with the signal when in a case!

For further reading on the tracking issue see this article at Australian Macworld Online.

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