The NBN Has Arrived!

At last, it is here, with some customers already connecting in parts of Mittagong, Moss Vale and Bowral. See link below for the latest roll-out info. NBN Roll-out Map So what does this mean? Some of you may already have signed up and even been connected but for the rest of us we have to … [Read more…]

More Windows 10 update issues?

I don’t think this will be a major issue for most of my clients, and I am pretty sure it won’t cause me any major issues, but Microsoft needs to sort this out as soon as possible. In a nutshell, the latest Windows 10 update can cause problems by removing some third party applications without … [Read more…]

Windows 10 upgrade woes!

OK, so my first Windows 10 upgrade on a brand new laptop went well and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. But then I was bought an older Dell laptop on which they had done the Windows 10 automatic upgrade. Unfortunately although this appeared to have worked OK, the screen went blank! Dare I … [Read more…]

Windows 10 first look

Completed my first upgrade to Windows 10 on the weekend and I must say it was reasonably simple and painless if a bit of a long process. A client bought a new, low-end Asus laptop with Celeron CPU and 4GB RAM, Windows 8.1 and a free upgrade to Windows 10. Not a fast machine but … [Read more…]

Windows 10

Yes, you did read that right, Windows 10! Not upgraded to Windows 8 yet (or even 7)? Then don’t bother as 10 is on the way. OK, I know I wrote about Windows 9 back in August but I am having trouble keeping up with Microsoft! There is the usual hype about a new version … [Read more…]